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Winter Holiday Claim

Skiing continues to be one of the most popular winter holidays. Stunning scenery and exhilarating exercise lures thousands to Alpine resorts and further afield. However, anyone who skis knows someone who has suffered an injury or has themselves sustained one. By its very nature skiing as a holiday is only an occasional activity. Accidents can and do happen to skiers whatever their level of competence. 

Injured on a Skiing Trip?

FactsFatigue is one of the most common factors. 

  • The most common time to be injured is the second afternoon of a six day holiday
  • Majority of injuries are the result of an isolated fall. Most of these because of user error, loss of control, travelling too fast for the conditions etc.
  • 10% of accidents arise from a collision.
  • 5% are lift related.
  • 5% of accidents are a result of equipment failure (e.g. binding releasing inadvertently) 
  • 25% of ski accidents are caused by collision with a tree, pylon or other people. Of these 60-70% require hospital admission. 
  • Two-thirds of all knee injuries are to the anterior cruciate ligament – the ligament which bonds together the upper and lower parts of the leg at the knee.

    Skiing Injuries

    1. Knee 25-40% Caused by twisting fall
    2. Shoulder Twist 8-15% Caused by fall onto outstretched hand
    3. Thumb 6-10% Caused by fall onto hand holding ski pole
    4. Head/Face 5-10% Caused by direct falls or impacts
    5. Tibia/fibula 5-8% Caused by twisting fall with no binding releases

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