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Illness on holiday?

Illness on Holiday Claim

Have you ever been ill on holiday or as soon as you have returned?

We’re not referring to ‘leisure sickness’ - when you go on holiday and the daily stresses are left behind and then you get sick. 

We’re talking about when you go on holiday and end up with gastroenteritis due to the poor hygiene in the hotel or on a ship, or because the food wasn’t cooked correctly in the restaurant, causing food poisoning. It may be due to bacteria in the air conditioning causing legionnaires disease or due to drinking contaminated water.

Illness on a Package Holiday

Unfortunately a number of people suffer with food poisoning whilst on holiday.  Sometimes this is just due to a different type of food being encountered for the first time.  The symptoms might be down to hot weather.  Sometimes it may be due to poor hygiene standards in a hotel or resort.

If it can be shown that the food poisoning was caused by poor standards, it is possible to bring a claim in the British courts even if the problem arose abroad.  This is because the Package Travel Regulations allow holidaymakers to bring a claim against their tour operator.  The tour operator is liable for improper performance of the holiday contract on the part of the hotel or resort.  

If you are suffering an illness on holiday that involves food poisoning, it is of vital importance that the illness is identified at an early stage. It may be worth checking if others staying at the same hotel at the same time have been similarly affected.

To help with your case for your holiday illness compensation, we recommend that you: 

  • Check if others have been affected
  • Where you had eaten in the weeks prior to the onset of your illness on holiday
  • Write down what you had eaten (for example, if you were on an all-inclusive holiday, although you may have largely eaten at the hotel – did you take your lunch outside the hotel or have an  ice cream on the beach?)
  • Obtaining proof of the type of illness that you had suffered is very important such as, taking pictures of poor hygiene standards e.g. salad cart being left out in the sun for hours

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